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Welcome to Stray's little corner of the Internet ...

I have set up this site for family and friends to come and visit, and
maybe get a laugh or two. It's mostly just a collection of crap that
I like and have saved, or someone sent me in an e-mail. I am currently
working on some new material and plan on updating the site very soon
with a new site design ... stay tuned.

make sure and visit ...
Low Altitude Warfare

click on picture to find out more on LAW - its the group of guys I play BF 2 with

The Weather ... in Martha's Vineyard

Click for West Tisbury, Massachusetts Forecast

other MV Links
Steamship Authority
MV Times(digital)
Island Links
Island Photo's
also check out ..
BattleField 2

click on picture for all the info on BF 2


This Day in History

Today's Birthday

In the News

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